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Art Journal inspirations

Has anyone here found a great, inspirational book for art journaling, something that was really useful for you? I was doing a Wreck This Journal with a friend for a while, but she is several states away so it meant long delays between it being mailed back and forth and I didn't find it terribly inspiring. Then another friend got me a really pretty book called Journal Fodder 365 and it looked great ... but I barely used it because it just didn't meet my needs.

Are there any books or card sets or websites out there that you have found helpful it pushing your creativity?

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Pay More, Have More?

Where do you buy your stationery supplies? Good stationery stores, supermarkets, dollar stores, flea markets, Etsy?  I find myself constantly having dilemma whether to buy more cheaper things or less, but of higher quality.

What are your stationery shopping habits?
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Stranger Tools Happen

Journaling / planning / scrapbooking makes you broaden your horizons in some very... unexpected ways. I've started laughing today when I noticed I was customizing my journal cover using: a) a cross-shaped screwdriver, b) a long nail, c) an upholstery needle I bought once in some stroke of brilliance/foresight.

What's the weirdest tool/medium your journaling/planning made you use?
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Decorating your journal/planner

When do you decorate your pages? Do you do that in advance, during writing on an actual page or afterwards, when all of the writing is done? What supplies do you enjoy using (stickers, markers, watercolours, stamps etc.)?
Do you use tip-ins?
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May Discussion Post

Has your approach to journaling, planning, etc. changed over the years? What would you like to do in the future?
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April Discussion Post

Tell everyone about the top five topics you write about (or chart, record, etc.) in your journal or planner. Pictures always encouraged!

March Discussion Post

Recommend a favorite planner! Tell or show us why you love it.
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February Discussion Post

Post a photograph of your journal or planner! Show off what you've been doing. :)