Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Welcome to [community profile] journalsandplanners, the comm devoted to discussing all kinds of journals and planners (even the electronic variety) and associated paraphernalia such as pens, stickers, and washi tape. Pictures are encouraged!

We welcome anything as long as it’s related to journals, planners, etc. Looking for inspiration? Wondering what to do with old journals or planners? Want to squee about new media you’re using or a journal style you love? Wondering about which products will work best for what you need? Whatever you think of, it’s all welcome here.


1. Cut for lengthy text and for pictures.

2. Don't be a jerk. Mods reserve the right to decide when that line
has been crossed.

3. In the course of normal participation in the community, links to things you've made to sell are okay. For example, in a post about making your own journals, you can link to your store for examples. We do not, however, allow commercial advertisements here. Swaps and such are at your own risk and must take place outside of community spaces.


We do have a tagging structure for the comm we’d like you to follow. Use as many tags as you want. Listed below are some examples; they are not exclusive. If you don’t see a tag you need, add it!


  • medium: paper; medium: electronic; medium: mixed

  • style: writing; style: bullet; style: art; style: planner;

  • materials: pens; materials: stickers; materials: notebook

  • post type: discussion; post type: photography; post type: advice wanted

  • other: constructive criticism welcome

Constructive criticism:

Our policy on constructive criticism: the poster must explicitly ask for it and it must be constructive in form, such as using the sandwich method. Pure criticism is never allowed. If the poster does not ask for concrit, don’t do it. Otherwise known as: see Rule 2.

If you have further questions, please ask them here or feel free to PM
your mods [personal profile] independence1776 and [personal profile] lunabee34.


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