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So I found these two great wildflower tutorials by Jordan Clark. They're very easy to follow and recreate in your journal, diary, planner...

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I know this suggestion might seem a bit weird but I've discovered you can totally use old/discarded/not-really-liked eyeshadows to decorate journal/planner pages. They make pretty and colourful smudges, you can use them to decorate edges of the page, space around stickers or below/above washi tape. They don't damage pages in any way, all the writing, stamps, doodles are still perfectly visible.

And the best thing? Even cheap eyeshadows work! In fact, I've discovered the cheap, no-name ones seem to look the best (maybe because I'm not worried about "wasting" them so I'm more likely to experiment with them than with the better/more expensive ones). Plus, you can have them in so many colours! They can competely change the way your journal/planner looks, changing a bland ("Give me a break, I was so tired on that day") page into a pretty one :)

One warning though: decorate the page AFTER you finish writing; otherwise your pen may not work on the pigmented paper.
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Journaling / planning / scrapbooking makes you broaden your horizons in some very... unexpected ways. I've started laughing today when I noticed I was customizing my journal cover using: a) a cross-shaped screwdriver, b) a long nail, c) an upholstery needle I bought once in some stroke of brilliance/foresight.

What's the weirdest tool/medium your journaling/planning made you use?
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When do you decorate your pages? Do you do that in advance, during writing on an actual page or afterwards, when all of the writing is done? What supplies do you enjoy using (stickers, markers, watercolours, stamps etc.)?
Do you use tip-ins?
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I have just purchased a Leuchtturm1917 A5 dot grid in navy blue. *rubs hands together in glee*

I have also just purchased a pack of Papermate Inkjoy gel pens and some Pilot Precise pens in .7. I am ready to journal!!

I have to admit that I am currently using my work planner to keep me on track and get everything done; I'm thinking of approaching the Leuchtturm1917 as more of an artsy type project--more like the collections pages in a bullet journal than the actual functional part of a bujo. LOL I realize this might be Doing It Wrong, but I'm having an inordinate amount of fun being creative and drawing and stickering.

Does anybody have recs for decorative pages or pretty collections or layouts that you can link me to? Or show me a picture in your own journal I can use for inspiration?
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